Raider Polarized glasses

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Aerobic X Elegant

An extremely versatile high-contrast lens that’s great for partly cloudy to bright and sunny conditions. Designed for those with bold vision. The athletes who are audacious in the attempt. The ones who run hot, rail corners, rip descents and save nothing for the turnaround. A radical take on performance eyewear, pumped full of more game-changing design and tech than anything that has come before.


Extensive prototyping allowed us  to remove excess material on the inside of the frame, reducing weight and improving airflow at all speeds.
Ultralight Frame Weight only 30g. you will forget you are wearing them in the middle of an adventure you cannot let heavy sunglasses weigh you down . Polarized Sunglasses are ideal for usage by motorcycle ,cycling, driving, running, baseball,fishing, racing, golf,skiing and climbing, trekking or other outdoor activities enthusiasts. Inner frame can be used for shortsighted lenses

UV Cut

Polarized sunglasses use very good material for safety and impact resistance, and it stands out for its ultralight, clear, elasticity, stability and impact resistance. Villains harmful to the sun and to the UV reflection (UVA and UVB) harmful reduce the load on the eyes and ensure a comfortable view.

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